Wedding Photographer Emergency Wedding Kit

Essential items to include in the Wedding Photographer Emergency Kit means being prepared for anything is key to ensuring a smooth and stress-free wedding day. Building out an emergency wedding kit allows you to anticipate the couples needs. Here is a list of what we keep close on a wedding day!

Wedding Day Getting Ready, Then Life Happens

The Essentials that make it into the Wedding Photographer Emergency Wedding Kit matter, and you will find that at least one of these items will be used each wedding. Safety Pins, Scissors, & a Sewing Kit are handy when a wardrobe malfunction happens. A handful of safety pins will help you to react fast and be a life saver when the time is right. The sewing kit is essential for fixing a torn hem, or a loose button. Fashion Tape is our go-to for securing loose straps, or keeping that neckline in place. Scissors are such a universal tool for dress strings & tags.

Emotional Moments Before Ceremony

Wedding days are meant to be emotional containers. Tissues and Handkerchiefs are the perfect addition to the Essential items to include in the Wedding Photographer Emergency Kit. Having these items before the moment hits is paramount! We always offer tissues to the groom or father of the bride before ceremony begins because it is essential to preserve the makeup for formal portraits.

Makeup On Suit Isn’t A Dealbreaker

One of the saddest moments is realizing that all of those emotional hugs from the groom have left make up on his suit. Stain Remover Pen and Make Up Wipes to the rescue! Scrape off any excess foundation or make up first, and then dab a little magic fluid from the stain remover pen and slowly add more until the make up begins to lift. Blotting Papers are another great option to make sure that everyone feels their best while still looking their best. Additionally, we have begun bringing a little tube of dawn dish soap & Q tips. This paired with a little splash of water is a SURE FIRE way to remove unsightly makeup stains from formal clothing.

Keep the Party Going

Keeping the party going strong long after cocktail hour is so vital to getting those beautiful candid expressions on the dance floor. Band-Aids are crucial for reintroducing comfort to the feet of the key players! Avoid letting those minor blisters become a nuisance!

Pain Relievers are a wonderful addition to the kit as there is so much going on and a headache could come on at any moment. Having this little aid along with you will make your couple feel taken care of. Hairpins and Breath Mints make all the difference when you are looking to keep those wispy hairs out of your brides face, and when you want your groom to turn on the charm, having fresh breath will keep them in the mood!

Little Warriors Helping You Create Your Best Work

So far we have shared many items that help your couple or their key players stay in the game. Now these items are all about the content creator, YOU! Snacks and Water are LITERALLY the fuel that will keep you sharp and focused on the task at hand. Whether you are team granola bar or liquid IV these will prove to be irreplaceable when you realize how much energy goes into keeping the ship afloat.

Sunscreen in your kit will help to make sure you don’t get burned while outside for the majority of the day. The sun is very powerful and can affect you even on overcast days, add a little sunblock to the parts of your body that are exposed to the sun! Additionally, Bug Spray during those summer months can be a total savior when heading out for sunset photos with your couple! Nothing kills the romance faster than being attacked from all directions by flying insects.

Phone Charger and Power Bank will help to make sure your phone has juice for all of the important moments. Your phone is the center for your organization, it has the timeline, the shot list, the inspiration images, and the HYPE music for your JBL speaker. Ensure that your phone’s charge will make it the full day.

Umbrella or Rain Poncho is a life saver should the weather make a turn for the worst! A clear umbrella is like a rainbow on the horizon for your couple as they realize that rain on their wedding day is GOOD LUCK! Providing an option to stay dry while creating unique content in the rain is an iconic move as a wedding photographer.

Be Ready For The Unexpected

By keeping these essential items in your emergency wedding kit, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any unexpected challenges that may arise on the wedding day. Being prepared ensures a smoother experience for your clients, and also gives you peace of mind knowing that you can handle whatever comes your way. By packing these items on your person, you are able to show how much you care about the work you are doing and the impact you have on the day. Happy shooting!



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