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Naturally, as photographers and videographers, we are obsessed with storytelling. We love taking the time to catch the little details that might be missed and forgotten. Our intention with every gallery is to capture the story the way it was meant to be told and how it will be cherished when remembered. 

But for the entire story, you need more context. Including the couples point of view and their candid feedback about how we made them feel. 

These blog posts will include anecdotal information the stills or footage might miss! Additionally, you will find industry resources in future blog posts related to gear, locations, wedding planning and so much more!

This is the stuff that gets the blood pumping and the soul shaking.

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The best photo + video editing laptop in 2022 is the Apple M1 Pro, and it is affordable. This laptop checks all of the boxes. Whether you have been patiently waiting for the its release, or if you are brand new to the creative space and looking for your first laptop, this one’s for you. […]

Best Photo + Video Editing Laptop In 2022 M1 Pro

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The bulletproof backup guide will give you the insight necessary to eliminate the chance of tragedy. This may seem a bit overboard at first glance, but trust me when I say you never want to experience the heartache of corruption without these safeguards in place. Follow these steps to ensure the memories you create for […]

The Bulletproof Backup Guide | Photo

bulletproof SSDs backup guide

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Why Gear Is Important? The gear that makes it in the camera bag on a wedding day DOES matter. We are advocates of the mentality that the gear listed below will maximize your ability to create the best final product for the couples that trust you with their memories. In this blog post, we share the […]

What’s In The Camera Bag? | Wedding Day