Totally. We could ask you to stand and smile for the camera. You would follow the instructions and take a lovely photo. But where is the spark? Where is the electricity you feel when you exchange that look with your favorite person? Where is the fun in going through an entire adventure together and feeling like it was a transaction? Whatever your love is, however you honor it, and with whoever you love, we are here for you. We don't document you, we create with you.

We believe in creating genuine moments.

Authentic storytelling

Photography + Videography team

Documenting your favorite days and how they make you feel.

we are a

Hello, we are   

Brittany + Alex Hall

We are obsessed with celebrating your love. There is a unique story of what makes you both tick and we are here for it. Our adventure is just different. We are not like regular photographers, we are cool photographers.

Focusing on how we make you feel...

Creating raving fans

we create memories together