There is no love like yours. From the moment your souls crashed together in the Universe, you two were on a path of discovery. We want to explore with you, understand how you want to remember your favorite days.

Our intention with all content we create is to document the real, raw and wildly emotional. That means you are welcome to come as you are, and be exactly who you are. We provide an experience that creates photographs catching you in the act of being yourselves.

We are here to tell your love story.

Our Intention

Human connection
Experience over pERFECTION
Honest + Authentic
Emotional + Engaging
Unscripted + Playful

Our Approach

Alex and I are nomadic content creators, based in Hartford, WI most parts of the year and in the Southwest during the winter.

Our hobbies include disc golfing, watercolor painting, singing loudly, dancing wildly, providing a luxurious lifestyle to our dog Nick, and finding ways to show gratitude for the tribe that surrounds us. 

Alex's special talents include touching his tongue to his nose, making new friends in adverse situations, and knowing an aggressive amount of trivia facts.

Britt's special talents include floral design with grocery store bundles, performing an accurate Janis Joplin impersonation while singing karaoke, and saving the day with a sewing needle.

there is value keeping it real.

That is why we are so lucky. This work gives us the opportunity to live a meaningful life. We have the unique work of creating content of your most precious celebrations + milestones. 

We believe that nothing is coincidence. What you ask for you will receive. Good, bad, or ugly. The lessons are there to be learned and experience was meant to be gained. 

Alex and I are the kind of people who are fearless in the face of change. Everything we do and have done has been dreams centered around growth and thriving in the uncomfortable zone. That's the way we like it. Raw, messy, passionate and real. 

To live a meaningful life, you must have meaningful relationships + work. 

we are
adventure +

nothing but a good time..