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Hello, it’s Britt here! I thought it would be wildly appropriate to dedicate our first blog post to this epic adventure at the Idaho Hot Springs! Alex and I were lucky enough to celebrate 2,000 followers on Instagram in January last year. We hosted a giveaway and three lovely couples won a photo session! Sara + Bryce were one of those lucky winners!

couple in the idaho hot springs under the water

Sara + Bryce are Wisconsin natives, transplanted temporarily in Boise, Idaho for a career opportunity! The company that Bryce works for even offered a gorgeous suburban home for them to stay in while he completed the contract. Alex and I had never visited Idaho before so the adventure was decided! We would travel across the country and sweet Sara would plan a photo destination tour for us to enjoy.

Sara and Bryce’s adventure was absolutely EPIC, just wait until you see their Idaho Hot Springs Engagement Session!

Alex and I feel so honored that our couples let us into their relationship, and we love to know your love story! For each engagement session we embark on, we get to know our couples a little more so we are able to truly document you together in an authentic way.

Read more of Sara + Bryce’s love story below!

What are your favorite details about how the two of you met? Bryce subbed for our softball team in college and impressed me with a graceful leap over the outfield fence to retrieve a ball. Well this first jump caught my (and everyone’s) attention and all eyes were on him as he approached the fence again. This time he wasn’t quite as graceful and caught his foot on the fence and fell flat on his face. He was still cute and (semi-) athletic in my eyes! Sara caught my eye at the campus gym!

What is your favorite thing about your significant other/ what do you love about their personality? Bryce (about Sara) – her personality, she always makes sure everyone around her is having a good time, and she always inspires others to be the best version of themselves. Sara (about Bryce) – His collected presence, he’s always thinking!

a combination of 4 photos of a couple in the idaho hot springs having fun and laughing

It is important to know that your engagement session is meant to tell YOUR story and it can be anything you want it to be! For Sara and Bryce, they are avid outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy exploring all of the seasons that nature provides. They showed us one of their favorite rivers that their dog Riggins loves to play in and around, and they are the most comfortable when they are immersed in nature together with their little family. Sara planned an epic mini road trip! Coming from Sara, Idaho is such a special place for them as they basically had a year-long pre-wedding honeymoon full of adventure there. They also got engaged in a hot spring, how cool is that?!

Their Idaho Hot Springs engagement session consisted of three different locations that were special to them both.

What made our photo route so special was that all three locations were places that they had gone on picnics together and they wanted to recreate that experience!

a close up of two people showing their engagement ring with idaho mountains in the background

One of the most memorable moments of this engagement session adventure was after the sun had given us its last light and we were all sharing stories under the stars.

We had been sharing our career passions, and Bryce was telling us about his company! He works for a company that creates a major component on the satellites for Starlink. Coincidently, Alex is so intrigued by all of the advancements and projects that involve Elon Musk. We all had a good laugh about how many questions Alex began to fire off! As we were enjoying the sense of community in our little hot spring circle, we looked and noticed that Starlink was actually flying over us at that very moment. This was such a universe moment for us! That moment created such a connection to us and the entire big idea of the engagement session.

Are you planning your Idaho Engagement Session? Here is our biggest tip!

Our biggest tip for your engagement photos, plan an adventure! Choose multiple locations and we can brainstorm together to choose multiple outfits so that it becomes the engagement session of your dreams. Plan an adventure for your engagement session that captures YOUR story and Alex and I would love to come along! Ready to plan together? You can inquire with us by clicking here, and follow us on Instagram, here! We can’t wait to capture who you are!

Now I know what you’re waiting for…enjoy a peek into this adventurous engagement session in Idaho and try not to get fomo, I dare you!!

A couple in idaho twirling around having fun
a couple waling around in the idaho mountains and hot springs
a couple in the idaho forrest doing a piggy back ride
a couple in Idaho forrest holding their puppy
A couple laying down in the Idaho hot springs
A couple smiling at each other in the Idaho mountains
A couple laughing and having fun walking in the Idaho mountains
A couple sitting back to back on the ground in Idaho laughing with a flower
A couple walking around holding hands in the Idaho mountains with their dog
A couple sitting down in the Idaho Hot Springs holding each other
A couple in the Idaho Hot Springs laughing and looking at each other

Read what Sara + Bryce had to say about their Idaho engagement session with us!

When you talk about your engagement session with us, how do you tell it? We were super excited to share our Idahoan adventure with ya’ll and knew it was going to be a great time when you rolled up in the van bursting with light and energy! Ya’ll took our ambitious itinerary in stride and followed us over the mountains and through the river (RIP Alex’s leg), snapping gorgeous photos along the way.

What part of your engagement session made you feel like you were exactly where you were supposed to be? The night sky was so perfect and to top it off, we caught a glimpse of the Starlink satellites overhead!

What was the most memorable part of your engagement session? Ending the night with some champagne, soaking in a hot spring and talking life with y’all was the perfect end to a perfect day!

Ready to plan the engagement session of your dreams? Book with us over here!

With love,

Britt + Alex



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