Couples Session at White Sands National Park in New Mexico | Brenna + Brandon

White Sands National Park was the perfect location for our friends in New Mexico! Brenna and Brandon first connected with us in July for a family session when they were visiting Wisconsin. Brenna and Brandon are amazing parents and their family is so full of love. We were all able to enjoy our time together and be present in the moment. The authentic connection of all of our personalities and energy led to some of our favorite photos.

Playful Couples Photos at White Sands National Park in New Mexico

New Mexico Couples Photographer | Chasing Sunsets Photo and Film

Alex and I were so grateful that this New Mexico rendezvous came to be! We were visiting our family in New Mexico, when I remembered Brenna mentioning that her and Brandon live 10 minutes away from one of the most magical photo destinations in the US – White Sands National Park! We reached out and asked if they would be available to create together and the stars aligned for their day off!

Sunrise White Sands National Park

Brenna and Brandon met us in the early morning light. We knew there was a chance for rain and we all agreed to embrace the weather when it came! Half an hour into our adventure the first fat rain drops made their appearance and stayed fairly constant for the remainder of our time together. The rain added such a fun and adverse element to the gallery and truly shows just how carefree and exuberant these two humans are!

White Sands National Park Photographers

If you’re traveling through New Mexico, White Sands National Park is a must see on your trip! This is an enormous sandbox in South East New Mexico. This landmark pops up out of nowhere and suddenly white sand is all your eyes can see. Even though you will find yourself in the desert, this is a great place to bust out a snow sled for some childhood thrills.

A Glimpse into Brenna + Brandon’s Album

White Sands National Park couples session
New Mexico Couples Photoshoot
New Mexico Couples Photoshoot
New Mexico Couples Photoshoot

Brenna + Brandon’s Love Story

What are your favorite details about how the two of you met? After not talking in a while, Brandon broke the silence and invited me to have sushi burritos at a new restaurant in Vegas that we had once before talked about going to. They were being built when we parted ways. So once they opened, we met there for sushi burritos and now any time we have sushi, we have to talk about that second “first date”.

What is your favorite thing about your significant other/ what do you love about their personality or physical presence? I love that every thing he does is done in my best interest in mind. He’s so selfless.

When you talk about your engagement session with us, how do you tell it? Oh man. We get a lot of pictures taken. Like every few months we are in front of the camera whether it’s together just the two of us or with the whole family. Hands down we’ve never had more fun taking pictures than when we’re with Britt and Alex. The prompts they give you will have you almost wiping your eyes with how hard you’re laughing. They never fail to capture REAL smiles and genuine love.

What was the most memorable part of your engagement session? Definitely how much we laughed and how soft, but directive Britt and Alex are.

What part of your couples session made you feel like you were exactly where you were supposed to be? Since we live states away from Britt and Alex, we never imagined they’d be passing right through our neck of the woods. We were so fortunate to have a day off during the week to meet up with these two amazing photographers and people.

How is the location of your session special to your love story? For our White Sands pictures- We love visiting white sands as a family and it’s such a beautiful and unique place to visit. Since most people have never seen a place like White Sands, we feel so much pride in being able to share this incredible landmark that’s in our back yard with people we love.

Is there anything else you would love to add? I feel like some photographers struggle to connect to the dads/grooms/boyfriends etc. But Britt and Alex make sure EVERYONE is having a good time so that they can be captured in their best light, never an uncomfortable or stiff looking photo from Chasing Sunsets!

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