Zion National Park Engagement Photos | Caitlin + Larry

Zion National Park was the only option for Caitlin and Larry’s engagement session! Caitlin + Larry have a strong sense of adventure and they greeted us with smiles at the trailhead before sunrise. It was in that moment that I remembered back to the conversation about Zion National Park as an option and the way that Caitlin’s face lit up with excitement and wonder.

Zion National Park Engagement Photos

Zion National Park Engagement Photos

Alex and I are grateful to travel across the country for exciting opportunities like elopements and engagement sessions. These journeys create time and a quiet space to reconnect and share ideas for our session with Caitlin and Larry. When you arrive and drive through the gates from the East entrance, you are humbled by the magnitude of the rock walls. They are LITERALLY the sweetest humans, gifting us the opportunity to document their love in Zion National Park.

The beauty of Zion National Park

Zion National Park is an expanse of untouched, and for the most part unadulterated natural landscape, worthy of your best scrambling skills. Caitlin + Larry were brimming with excitement as we set up the steps to the Canyon Overlook Trailhead. We all took turns imitating the sure-footed mountain goats that dot the rock walls along the way to the overlook. 

Zion National Park Engagement Photos

Friends in Low Places

As we were moving through some photos and sharing some laughs, we noticed a tiny little chipmunk friend. He made his presence known, and shared that his appearance alone was worthy of our snacks. The only refreshments we had along were some almonds, and Larry was able to produce the offering to our new friend. The chipmunk feasted on three almonds amongst us before scurrying away. The way Larry interacted with our newest acquaintance illustrates that he will continue to care for Caitlin and the life they are building together.

Are you ready for an adventure together?!

We are the photo and video team that will go all out with you no matter what? We care about capturing your authentic relationship, and we will go anywhere to do that! Let’s make it official and start planning the engagement session of your dreams. You can inquire on our website here, we are excited to learn all of the details of YOUR love story.

Check out more of Caitlin and Larry’s engagement session below!

Zion National Park Engagement Photos
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